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The Movie:

One of the most important, timeless and influential shows in TV history, "All in the Family"'s sixth season didn't see the show losing any steam, staying as controverial and as superbly written and acted. This time around, Gloria (Sally Struthers) and Mike (Rob Reiner) move out and into the house that the Jeffersons used to occupy next door ("Alone At Last" sees the couple moved in, but forgetting about turning on the ultilities, making for a not-as-cozy first night.) However, just as big is the news that Gloria has found out she's pregnant, a plot that becomes a focus of the season. Guest stars this season include: Bernadette Peters, Doris Roberts, Robert Guillaume and Billy Crystal.

111. 6- 1 8 Sep 75 The Very Moving Day
- As the Stevics are about to move out, Gloria announces that she is pregnant, which delights her parents but worries Mike.
112. 6- 2 15 Sep 75 Alone at Last
- Mike forgets to have the utilities turned on, so he and Gloria have to spend the first night in their new home with no heat or electricity.
113. 6- 3 22 Sep 75 Archie, the Donor
- In order to impress his boss and get the new dispatcher job, Archie unknowingly donates his organs to science.
114. 6- 4 29 Sep 75 Archie, the Hero
- While out driving Munson's cab, Archie saves a lady's life who turns out to not be a lady.
115. 6- 5 6 Oct 75 Mike's Pains
- Mike says he wants to be with Gloria in the delivery room for the birth of the baby, but then gets cold feet.
116. 6- 6 20 Oct 75 Chain Letter
- While Edith continues a chain letter sent by Irene, Archie ignores his letter, starting a streak of bad luck.
117. 6- 7 27 Oct 75 Mike Faces Life
- Mike begins to feel the pressure from the changes in his life and Gloria is fired for being pregnant.
118. 6- 8 3 Nov 75 Edith Breaks Out
- For the first time, Edith stops taking orders from Archie when he insists she stop volunteering at the nursing home.
119. 6- 9 10 Nov 75 Grandpa Blues
- Along with his impending grandfather status, Archie is nervous about his health when his job requires him to get a physical.
120. 6-10 17 Nov 75 Gloria Suspects Mike
- Pregnant Gloria - feeling fat an unattractive - becomes jealous of the sexy female student Mike is tutoring.
121. 6-11 24 Nov 75 The Little Atheist
- On Thanksgiving, Archie gets a shock when Mike and Gloria announce that their unborn child won't be raised with religion.
122. 6-12 1 Dec 75 Archie's Civil Rights
- After he defends himself against a mugger, Archie gets hauled into court because of the illegal tear-gas device he used.
123. 6-13 8 Dec 75 Gloria is Nervous
- Nine days overdue and apprehensive about having the baby, Gloria takes out her frustrations on Mike.
124. 6-14 15 Dec 75 Birth of the Baby (1)
- Gloria goes into labor at a restaurant, but then gets stuck in a phone booth after calling her doctor.
125. 6-15 22 Dec 75 Birth of the Baby (2)
- After much chaos, Gloria makes it to the hospital in order to give birth to a healthy boy.
126. 6-16 5 Jan 76 New Year's Wedding
- Mike starts making too many decisions for Gloria, even allowing their best friends to hold their wedding at the house without informing her.
127. 6-17 12 Jan 76 Archie, the Babysitter
- After he fires the babysitter, Archie watches little Joey himself, while holding a poker game at the same time.
128. 6-18 26 Jan 76 Archie Finds a Friend
- Archie befriends a Jewish jeweler who he believes has an invention that could make them millions.
129. 6-19 2 Feb 76 Mike's Move
- Mike encounters reverse descrimination after he competes with a black colleague for a teaching position in Minnesota.
130. 6-20 9 Feb 76 Archie's Weighty Problem
- Archie is under doctor's orders to lose weight, but hates giving up his favorite foods.
131. 6-21 16 Feb 76 Love by Appointment
- Because she spends so much time with the baby, Mike starts to feel neglected by Gloria.
132. 6-22 23 Feb 76 Joey's Baptism
- Against Mike's wishes, Archie plans to secretly take his grandson down to the church to have him baptized.
133. 6-23 1 Mar 76 Gloria and Mike's House Guests
- After the Bunkers' furnace goes out, Archie and Edith are forced to spend the night with Mike and Gloria.
134. 6-24 8 Mar 76 Edith's Night Out
- When Archie refuses to take her out, Edith decides to go to Kelsey's Bar alone, where she proves to be popular with the regulars.


VIDEO: "All in the Family" is presented in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio on this second season set. Image quality is terrific, with crisp, largely clean presentations of each episode. Detail and defintion weren't outstanding, but they were above reasonable expectations, considering the age of the show.

Aside from some minor specks and grain, the picture looked quite good. No edge enhancement or other faults were spotted, and colors were accurate and natural.

SOUND: The mono soundtrack provided clear, fairly crisp dialogue and music. Speech could sound slightly edgy at times, but dialogue generally seemed well-recorded.

EXTRAS: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: The sixth season of "All in the Family" is another wonderful effort, with some terrific episodes and enjoyable developments for the characters. Columbia/Tristar's set doesn't offer extras, but audio/video quality is good. Recommended.

DVD Information

All in the Family: Season 6
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
3 DVDs
612 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: All in the Family: Season 6 DVD