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The Movie:

For those unfamiliar with the series, "Dallas" was a groundbreaking prime-time drama that looked into the lives of the wealthy Ewing family - mainly J.R. Ewing (Hagman), the ambitious CEO of the family oil company. There's also the nicer brother, Bobby (Patrick Duffy); J.R.'s wife, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), Ewing matriarch Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) and many other characters. The series remains likable, soapy drama more than twenty years afterwards, as while it looks a little dated, the performances are still first rate and the writing offers enough twists and surprises (most famous being the "Who Shot J.R." plotline of the fourth season, which was sharply spoofed by "The Simpsons" years later) to stay engaging.

The sixth season of "Dallas" continues to see the show shaking things up, with major twists and compelling storylines. As the season opens, J.R. has been given the boot from Ewing Oil ("Changing of the Guard"), with his family the ones who voted him out of the position. However, J.R. isn't willing to give up the position without a fight, and the fight for Ewing Oil turns into a battle between brothers, with Bobby and J.R. locked in competition for the spot. With Jock Ewing having passed away, J.R. and Bobby battle over the will also is a main subplot during this season. The sixth season also ends with a hook for the following season, with a group of main characters trapped in a fire.

Highlights of this season include: "Changing of the Guard" (J.R. is voted out as president of Ewing Oil), "Where There's a Will" (J.R. wants a look at Jock's will, and will do anything to get a look at it - including blackmail), "Jock's Will" (A codicil to Jack's will pits brother against brother), "Aftermath" (Bobby and J.R. battle to be the head of Ewing oil), "Crash of 83" (family feuds come to a halt when word comes that the Wentworth jet has crashed), "Tangled Web" (Bobby and J.R. are in the middle of a close race for Ewing Oil...until J.R. gets back from Cuba with an advantage) and the season finale, "Ewing Inferno".

Season 6

104. 6- 1 171101 1 Oct 82 Changing of the Guard
105. 6- 2 171102 8 Oct 82 Where There's a Will
106. 6- 3 171103 15 Oct 82 Billion Dollar Question
107. 6- 4 171104 22 Oct 82 The Big Ball
108. 6- 5 171105 29 Oct 82 Jock's Will
109. 6- 6 171106 5 Nov 82 Aftermath
110. 6- 7 171107 12 Nov 82 Hit and Run
111. 6- 8 171108 19 Nov 82 The Ewing Touch
112. 6- 9 171109 26 Nov 82 Fringe Benefits
113. 6-10 171110 3 Dec 82 The Wedding
114. 6-11 171111 10 Dec 82 Post Nuptial
115. 6-12 171112 17 Dec 82 Barbecue Three
116. 6-13 171113 31 Dec 82 Mama Dearest
117. 6-14 171114 7 Jan 83 The Ewing Blues
118. 6-15 171115 14 Jan 83 The Reckoning
119. 6-16 171116 28 Jan 83 A Ewing is a Ewing
120. 6-17 171117 4 Feb 83 Crash of '83
121. 6-18 171118 11 Feb 83 Requiem
122. 6-19 171119 18 Feb 83 Legacy
123. 6-20 171120 25 Feb 83 Brothers and Sisters
124. 6-21 171121 4 Mar 83 Caribbean Connection
125. 6-22 171122 11 Mar 83 The Sting
126. 6-23 171123 18 Mar 83 Hell Hath No Fury
127. 6-24 171124 25 Mar 83 Cuba Libre
128. 6-25 171125 1 Apr 83 Tangled Web
129. 6-26 171126 15 Apr 83 Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork
130. 6-27 171127 29 Apr 83 Penultimate
131. 6-28 171128 6 May 83 Ewing Inferno


VIDEO: "Dallas" is presented by Warner Brothers in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. The presentation quality isn't without some issues, but the episodes seem as if they've mostly held up pretty respectably. Sharpness and detail are alright, as while a good chunk of the episodes look fairly crisp, some scenes can look on the soft side.

Some dirt and wear (light specks, marks and other debris) are occasionally seen, but I didn't think that there was enough to ruin the viewing experience by any means. Some slight shimmering was also noticed on a few occasions, as were some minor artifacts, but none of the problems were major, considering the age of the series. The show's natural color palette didn't appear faded or otherwise problematic.

SOUND: The mono soundtrack sounds perfectly fine, considering the age of the series. Dialogue remains clear and easily understood, and music sounds fine enough. Audio quality is a little thin, but not bad.

EXTRAS: The one extra is a new featurette, "Power and Influence: The Dallas Legacy", which runs about 11 minutes and provides a decent overview of the series. Hopefully, future season sets can offer some commentaries from the cast, which I think - especially with a show like "Dallas" - might be a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts: The sixth season of "Dallas" continues to offer entertaining twists and turns, as well as terrific performances from the ensemble cast. The DVD offers satisfactory audio/video quality, as well as one minor supplement. Recommended.

DVD Information

Dallas: Season 6
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
Dolby 2.0
4-DVD Set
1380 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
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