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The Movie:

The latest film from director Christopher Guest and writer/actor Eugene Levy, "For Your Consideration" focuses on the cast of an amusingly terrible indie drama called, “Home for Purim.” The focus of the production is Marilyn Hack (Catherine O’Hara), an aging actress who plays the ailing mother that's a staple of films like this. There's also Allan Miller (Harry Shearer) as the father and Brian Chubb (Christopher Moynihan) and Callie Webb (Parker Posey) as their children.

When a rumor about Hack's performance possibly getting an Oscar starts to make the rounds, Hack starts to buy into her own press and the rest of the cast starts to both get jealous and hope that maybe, the film will be their ticket off the D-list. Soon enough, the "buzz" attracts the media, including a pair of idiotic entertainment show reporters (Fred Willard, Jane Lynch.)

Less the kind of improvised (although there's still improv here) "mockumentary" of Guest's prior films and more a regular picture, but it's suprising that Levy, Guest and their usual group of actors are not able to make more out of poking fun at indie filmmaking and the push during awards season.

As for the performances, while no one has ever created a better fictional entertainment show host than Martin Short and his Jimminy Glick character, Fred Willard does a good job parodying irritating hosts like Billy Bush. Levy is funny as a low-level publicist and O'Hara is perfect as the aging actress hanging on to a bit of hope for Oscar. Guest is funny as the film's director and Parker Posey is amusing. Still, while there are entertaining performances here and some laughs, the best bits don't come often enough and a fair amount of the jabs at Hollywood here have been done before, sharper. Making matters worse is that the film feels as if it's much more clever than it is.

"For Your Consideration"'s last moments see Guest turn the tables on his characters, and while it gets a chuckle in a way, it also feels a bit sour. "Consideration" definitely gets a chuckle or two, but nothing like Guest's "Best in Show" or "Waiting for Guffman".


VIDEO: "For Your Consideration" is presented here in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. Overall, this was a reasonably good presentation of the material. Sharpness and detail were neither great or poor, as the picture looked moderately crisp throughout much of the show, with some moments appearing softer than the rest. Light grain was seen fairly often and some slight edge enhancement was seen, but no pixelation or print flaws were spotted. Colors looked natural, with nice saturation and no smearing.

SOUND: The Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation is, as one might expect from this material, almost entirely dialogue-driven, with little in the way of surround use aside from slight ambience and reinforcement of the music. Audio quality was perfectly fine, with clear dialogue.

EXTRAS: Commentary from Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy, 38 minutes of deleted scenes, theatrical trailer and "Home For Purim" poster gallery.

Final Thoughts: Consideration" definitely gets a chuckle or two, but nothing like Guest's "Best in Show" or "Waiting for Guffman". The DVD presentation offers fine audio/video quality, along with a good set of extras. Rent it.

Film Grade
The Film B-
DVD Grades
Video 85/B
Audio: 85/B
Extras: 81/B

DVD Information

For Your Consideration
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
Dolby Digital 5.1
86 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated PG-13
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: For Your Consideration DVD