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The Movie:

Running 11 seasons and just over 250 episodes, "The Jeffersons" was another hit for ace TV producer Norman Lear ("Sanford and Son", "Maude" and "All in the Family", which this series - as well as "Maude" - was spun-off from.) After being Archie Bunker's neighbors for years, the Jeffersons - George (Sherman Hemsley), Louise (Isabel Sanford) and Lionel (once again Mike Evans, who returns in the sixth season to the role that he originated) - moved on up to an Upper East side high-rise thanks to George's successful laundry business. Also providing great supporting efforts are Roxie Roker and Franklin Cover as neighbors Helen and Tom and Marla Gibbs as maid Florence Johnston.

A main plotline of this season is Lionel and Jenny's pregnancy announcement and the birth of their child, with highlights including "The Arrival" and "The Announcement". Other highlights include: "A Short Story", "One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest", "The Longest Day", "The First Store" and "George's Birthday".

Season 6

112. 6- 1 23 Sep 79 The Announcement
- Lionel and Jenny are thrilled to be expecting a baby, but don't want to tell George, as they're afraid he'll joke about the baby's color.
113. 6- 2 30 Sep 79 A Short Story
- George has been selected for an award from the small businessmen's association, not aware of the fact that he's getting the award because he's short.
114. 6- 3 7 Oct 79 Louise's Old Boyfriend
- Louise is afraid that George won't approve of her having lunch with an old boyfriend, so Florence goes in her place and pretends that she's Louise.
115. 6- 4 21 Oct 79 Now You See It, Now You Don't (1)
- On Halloween, Louise looks through Mr. Bentley's telescope out on the balcony and witnesses a murder done by a man in a rabbit costume.
116. 6- 5 28 Oct 79 Now You See It, Now You Don't (2)
- After the Halloween party, Louise finds out that the murderer has tracked her down.
117. 6- 6 4 Nov 79 Where's Papa?
- George makes arrangements to move his late father's grave, but Louise and Florence find out that the original grave marker is missing.
118. 6- 7 11 Nov 79 The Expectant Father
- When Jenny, Lionel and their parents meet with a baby furniture salesman, Lionel panics and storms out.
119. 6- 8 18 Nov 79 Joltin' George
- While teaching an employee how to box, George has a run-in with a fellow boxer and is challenged to settle it in the ring.
120. 6- 9 2 Dec 79 Baby Love
- Being around pregnant Jenny has Florence's biological clock ticking, so she joins a video dating service in order to land a potential mate.
121. 6-10 9 Dec 79 Louise vs. Florence
- Just as George is about to host a dinner party for a wealthy couple, Florence and Louise have a huge argument about each other's annoying habits.
122. 6-11 30 Dec 79 Me and Mr. G.
- The Jeffersons open up their home to an orphan girl who only responds to George. However, when his prejudices start to rub off on the girl, she's taken away.
123. 6-12 6 Jan 80 One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest
- When George makes a deliver to a mental institution, he's accidentally mistaken for a patient.
124. 6-13 13 Jan 80 Louise's Setback
- Excited about being interviewed on TV for her work with the suicide hotline, Louise accidentially neglects a teenage girl who tries to kill herself.
125. 6-14 27 Jan 80 Brother Tom
- Tom feels left out when Helen entertains a couple of old friends from high school, so he asks George how to "act black" in order to fit in.
126. 6-15 3 Feb 80 The Arrival (1)
- With Lionel at a Job interview, George reluctantly takes Jenny to Lamaze, where she goes into labor after everyone has gone home.
127. 6-16 10 Feb 80 The Arrival (2)
- George remains in the hospital roomw with Jenny while everyone rushes to the hospital.
128. 6-17 17 Feb 80 The Shower
- Jenny is convinced that Lionel is a workaholic when he leaves Jessica's baby shower and rushes to the office. 129. 6-18 24 Feb 80 The Longest Day
- When the women are away, the men decide to stay home with the baby, and the results are disasterous.
130. 6-19 2 Mar 80 George's Birthday
- On his birthday, George hangs out at Charlie's bar, depressed that he has no friends and unaware that Louise is planning a big surprise party for him.
131. 6-20 9 Mar 80 A Night to Remember
- For their wedding anniversary, George and Louise plan to spend a romantic evening at a hotel but instead they find themselves in a big fight over George's honesty.
132. 6-21 23 Mar 80 The Loan
- Lionel wants to secure a bank loan by himself, but one-by-one, George, Louise, Tom and Helen visit the bank to secretly co-sign for him.
133. 6-22 30 Mar 80 Louise Takes a Stand
- The lease for Charlie's bar is up and George intends to take advantage of the space in order to expand his dry cleaners - but not if Louise can help it.
134. 6-23 6 Apr 80 The First Store
- Louise and George reminisce about the lean years, when George was trying to open his first store in Harlem in the aftermath of Martin Luther King's assassination.
135. 6-24 13 Apr 80 Once Upon a Time
- George reads a bedtime story to his granddaugter Jessica, imagining himself as King George, with all his friends and family as various court members.

Seasons 1 through 5 are also available.


VIDEO: The sixth season of "The Jeffersons" is presented by Columbia/Tristar in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. The picture quality was a little better versus what I would expect from a series of its age. Sharpness and detail were not noteworthy, but the picture still was nicely defined and looked consistently so.

Some minor shimmering and scattered slight instances of wear were the only issues noticed with the episodes presented here. No edge enhancement or pixelation was spotted at any time throughout. Colors had a nice snap, looking crisp and well-saturated. Overall, a fine quality transfer of this set of episodes.

SOUND: The mono soundtrack was certainly adequate, with crisp, clean dialogue and music.

EXTRAS: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: The sixth season of "The Jeffersons" continues to offer solid writing and classic performances from its superb ensemble cast. The DVD presentation boasts fine audio/video quality, but it's too bad there's no extras included. Still, recommended.

DVD Information

The Jeffersons: Season 6
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
3 DVDs
Dolby Digital 5.1
572 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Jeffersons: Season 6 DVD