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The Movie:

With the continued popularity of superhero tales, studios continue to look to develop new movies and shows, such as "Loonatics: Unleashed", a children's animated series that follows the Loonatics, decendants of the original Looney Tunes characters who got super powers thanks to a metor striking near their city of Acmetropolis. So Ace Bunny (voiced by Charlie Schlatter), Danger Duck (Jason Marsden), Slam Tasmanian (Kevin Michael Richardson), Rev Runner (Kevin Michael Richardson again) and Lexi Bunny (Jessica Di Cicco) work together to fight evil forces, guided by Zodavia (Candi Milo).

The series is clearly geared towards a younger audience, although there's still concerns. As I've said many times before, it's difficult for someone like me to watch animated efforts today and not think back fondly of "Transformers", "Duck Tales" and other animated shows (even the great "Batman: Beyond" wasn't that long ago) that were not as hyper, offered fine animation and told a good story. "Loonatics: Unleashed", while a fun idea, often seems to concentrate more on one-liners (some get a chuckle, more don't - as for the latter, during a metor shower in one episode, Ace cracks, "I thought the weather only called for partly rocky." Har har.) than characters and story. The show's animation and voice acting is at the level of an average Saturday morning effort.


1 Loonatics on Ice 9/17/2005 2 Attack of the Fuzz Balls 9/24/2005 3 The Cloak of Black Velvet 10/1/2005 4 Weathering Heights 10/8/2005 104 5 Going Underground 10/29/2005 105 6 The Comet Cometh 11/5/2005 7 The World is My Circus 11/12/2005 8 Stop the World I Want to Get Off 11/19/2005 9 Sypher 11/26/2005 10 Time After Time 2/11/2006 11 The Menace of Mastermind 2/18/2006 12 Acmegeddon (1) 5/6/2006 13 Acmegeddon (2) 5/13/2006
Also out this week is another volume (number 3) of the "Baby Looney Tunes" series. A cute and inspired reimaginging of the "Looney Tunes" universe, "Baby Looney Tunes" reboots the characters (everyone's here, from Daffy to Bugs to Taz and others) and presents them as their toddler versions. However, instead of changing the personalities of the characters, the show carries them over here, only changing things by making the voices sound somewhat more kiddish and putting the characters into situations that younger kids can relate to. The result is a series that's clever enough to keep adults from getting bored and lively enough for kids to find entertaining.

Episodes included on this volume are: "Time and Time Again", "May the Best Taz Win", "Mine!", "Sylvester the Pester", "Cat-Taz Trophy", "Duck! Monster! Duck!", "The Brave Little Tweety" and "The Puddle Olympics".


VIDEO: Both titles are presented by Warner Brothers in their original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. Both look crisp and clear, with no print flaws, edge enhancement or other issues. Colors remain bright and vibrant, with no smearing or other flaws.

SOUND: Both titles are presented with crisp, undistorted stereo soundtracks.

EXTRAS: "Baby Looney Tunes" offers no extras, while "Loonatics" offers an interactive game.

Final Thoughts: I found "Loonatics" to be a fun concept in need of improved material, but "Baby Looney Tunes" continues to be an enjoyable show for the youngest audiences. Both titles offer fine audio/video quality and minimal or no extras.

DVD Information

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
88 minutes (Baby)
277 minutes (Loonatics)
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Loonatics: Unleashed (Season 1) DVD,Baby Looney Tunes: Volume 3 DVD