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The Movie:

A series that is rooted so strongly in pop culture that not only is it still fresh in the minds of many but is actually used as a description towards other, similar shows/movies. Of course, it also managed to find its way into "The Simpsons", which did its take on "Peaks" in the "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" episode. "Peaks" ran two seasons on ABC, but the David Lynch/Mark Frost-created series certainly left its impact.

The show starred Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Cooper, a FBI agent called in to investigate the strange murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). However, once Cooper arrives, he soon realizes that the case is going to be a lot more difficult than he'd expected, as the surreal, bizarre town is not about to give up its secrets so easily.

The second season opens with Agent Cooper having been shot and laying on the floor of his hotel room, wounded. He's visited by an old caretaker, who largely pays no mind to him, hanging up the phone. Cooper is then visited by a giant, who offers some cryptic clues to the agent, who manages to make it through the attack.

Soon after, Cooper learns more about the life that Laura Palmer was really leading and finds a second diary that gives him more clues that lead towards the case's eventual resolution part of the way through the season. However, it wasn't over for Cooper, as a new killer arrives and Cooper soon realizes that it's his former partner, Windom Earle (Kenneth Welsh).

"Peaks" does start to wander at times in this second season and the finale leaves things off in rather disappointing fashion with a cliff-hanger, but the series still strikes the senses in a way that few shows have before or after. Bold and boldly weird, the show's best moments still deliver enjoyably twisty storylines and incredibly rich atmosphere and mood.

Season 2

9. 2- 1 30 Sep 90 Episode Eight (2)
10. 2- 2 6 Oct 90 Episode Nine
11. 2- 3 13 Oct 90 Episode Ten
12. 2- 4 20 Oct 90 Episode Eleven
13. 2- 5 27 Oct 90 Episode Twelve
14. 2- 6 3 Nov 90 Episode Thirteen
15. 2- 7 10 Nov 90 Episode Fourteen
16. 2- 8 17 Nov 90 Episode Fifteen
17. 2- 9 1 Dec 90 Episode Sixteen
18. 2-10 8 Dec 90 Episode Seventeen
19. 2-11 15 Dec 90 Episode Eighteen
20. 2-12 12 Jan 91 Episode Nineteen
21. 2-13 19 Jan 91 Episode Twenty
22. 2-14 2 Feb 91 Episode Twenty-One
23. 2-15 9 Feb 91 Episode Twenty-Two
24. 2-16 16 Feb 91 Episode Twenty-Three
25. 2-17 28 Mar 91 Episode Twenty-Four
26. 2-18 4 Apr 91 Episode Twenty-Five
27. 2-19 11 Apr 91 Episode Twenty-Six
28. 2-20 18 Apr 91 Episode Twenty-Seven
29. 2-21 10 Jun 91 Episode Twenty-Eight (1)
30. 2-22 10 Jun 91 Episode Twenty-Nine (2)


VIDEO: The show is presented here in its original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio by Paramount. The presentations are of very fine quality, although not without some minor concerns here-and-there. Sharpness and detail are not exceptional, but the presentation at least looks consistently crisp and reasonably detailed, especially considering that the series isn't that far from turning 20. Some minor print flaws are spotted and colors can look a little smeary in some scenes, but otherwise, the show looks crisp and clean here.

SOUND: The Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation highlighted Angelo Badalamenti's classic score well and provided clear dialogue.

EXTRAS: "Log Lady Intros" and interviews with directors Caleb Deschanel,Stephen Gyllenhaal, Tim Hunter and Todd Holland, as well as Laura Palmer's Diary writer Jennifer Lynch. The other main feature is an interactive grid on the 6th disc that includes interviews with members of the cast, including Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, David Duchovny and others. The interviews (which are split into three parts for each person - origin/production/legend) do offer some fun stories and insights, but are really pretty brief.

Final Thoughts: It's been a long wait for fans (Season 1 came out 5 years ago and is out-of-print at this point), but Season 2, while short on extras, is offered here with very nice audio/video quality. Highly recommended, although those who've never seen the show should track down season 1 first.

DVD Information

Twin Peaks: Season 2
Paramount Home Entertainment
6 DVDs
Dolby Digital 5.1
1081 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Twin Peaks: Season 2 DVD