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Currentfilm.com Review:

One of TV's biggest hits of the '70's and a smash success for producer Aaron Spelling, "Charlie's Angels" (dubbed "Jiggle TV" by many) focused on the three Angels (originally Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and Jaclyn Smith; Shelley Hack joined the series once Fawcett left the show) who were initially members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The trio left the LAPD after they weren't rising up the ranks of the force, and were offered jobs with the Charles Townsend Agency, who realized the talents of the three. At the agency, they worked on solving crimes for their often heard (but never seen) boss Charlie (John Forsythe) and Charlie's associate, Bosley (David Doyle).

Each week, the trio tries to solve a different crime, often going undercover and wearing various disguises in order to uncover the truth. While the look of the series is understandably rather dated at this point, the writing is still surprisingly entertaining, with an enjoyable mix of action, light drama and comedy, along with plenty of one-liners. While new angel Hack isn't a match for Fawcett (who appears in a couple of episodes this season), she serves as a decent enough replacement, while Jackson and Smith continue to provide fine performances.

This season opens with "Love Boat Angels", which serves to both introduce new angel Tiffany Welles (Hack), but also provide a cross-over with "Boat". The episode has the three searching for missing antiques, and while cross-overs like this are usually corny, this entertaining episode offers some decent comedy and mystery.

Other highlights from this season include: "Fallen Angel" (The angels protect a diamond from an international jewel thief, only to discover that his accomplice is "fallen angel" Jill Monroe), "The Prince and the Angel" (Jill is in town for Charlie's birthday, only to find herself with a problem when she falls for a prince in trouble), "Angels on Campus" (When two sorority sisters vanish, the angels head back to college to investigate), "Angel Hunt" (After being stranged on a deserted island, the Angels become hunted game by a man with a vendetta against Charlie), "Dancin' Angels" (the angels dust off their dancing shoes to investigate a missing contestant), "Three for the Money" (the angels set up a three-prong attack on a con artist to get money back for his victims) and "Cruising Angels" (Charlie's yacht mysteriously vanishes in the midst of being redecorated, only to have it be full of gold when it reappears.

4th Season 1979

74. 4- 1 12 Sep 79 Love Boat Angels (1)
75. 4- 2 12 Sep 79 Love Boat Angels (2)
76. 4- 3 19 Sep 79 Angels Go Truckin'
77. 4- 4 26 Sep 79 Avenging Angel
78. 4- 5 3 Oct 79 Angels at the Altar
79. 4- 6 10 Oct 79 Fallen Angel
80. 4- 7 31 Oct 79 Caged Angel
81. 4- 8 7 Nov 79 Angels on the Street
82. 4- 9 14 Nov 79 The Prince and the Angel
83. 4-10 21 Nov 79 Angels on Skates
84. 4-11 28 Nov 79 Angels on Campus
85. 4-12 5 Dec 79 Angel Hunt
86. 4-13 12 Dec 79 Cruising Angels
87. 4-14 2 Jan 80 Of Ghosts and Angels
88. 4-15 9 Jan 80 Angel's Child
89. 4-16 16 Jan 80 One of Our Angels is Missing
90. 4-17 23 Jan 80 Catch a Falling Angel
91. 4-18 30 Jan 80 Homes Sweet Homes
92. 4-19 6 Feb 80 Dancin' Angels
93. 4-20 20 Feb 80 Harrigan's Angel
94. 4-21 27 Feb 80 An Angel's Trail
95. 4-22 5 Mar 80 Nips and Tucks
96. 4-23 12 Mar 80 Three for the Money
97. 4-24 2 Apr 80 Toni's Boys
98. 4-25 30 Apr 80 One Love...Two Angels (1)
99. 4-26 7 May 80 One Love...Two Angels (2)


VIDEO: "Charlie's Angels" is presented in 1.33:1 full-frame by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Image quality is above-average, considering the age of the series. Although sharpness and detail are not overly remarkable, the picture at least does appear crisp and clear in most scenes. Wear is limited to some light specks and occasional marks on the elements - the majority of the scenes do appear free of wear and tear. Some mild grain is seen at times, but no more than one would expect from the presentation. Colors looked bright and well-saturated, with no smearing or other faults.

SOUND: The show's stereo soundtrack sounded clear and well-recorded - while obviously not as full as dynamic as modern soundtracks, the audio didn't sound tinny or problematic, either.

EXTRAS: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: Although Fawcett (who does appear in a couple of episodes) is missed, "Charlie's Angels" still entertains in this fourth season. Recommended.

DVD Information

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
1273 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Charlie's Angels: Season 4 DVD