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Currentfilm.com Review:

One of legendary cartoonist Tex Avery's many beloved characters, "Droopy Dog" starred a subdued, slow little basset hound in a series of shorts that started in 1943. The shorts featured Droopy, who - despite his half-asleep appearance - always managed to outsmart his rivals and win in the end. The set includes all 24 of the theatrically-released cartoons, with new anamorphic widescreen transfers of the final seven Cinemascope shorts, which were directed by Michael Lah.

The presentations are intended for adults and may not be appropriate for children. These are unedited and are presented here as they were originally.

Disc 1:
The Shooting of Dan McGoo
Wild and Woolfy
Northwest Hounded Police
Seņor Droopy
Wags to Riches
The Chump Champ
Daredevil Droopy
Droopy's Good Deed
Droopy's Double Trouble
Caballero Droopy

Disc 2:
The Three Little Pups
Drag-A-Long Droopy
Homesteader Droopy
Dixieland Droopy
Millionaire Droopy
Grin and Share It
Blackboard Jumble
One Droopy Knight
Sheep Wrecked
Mutts About Racing
Droopy Leprechaun


VIDEO: Warner Brothers presents the majority of the shorts in their original 1.33;1 full-frame aspect ratio. However, the last seven shorts are presented in their original 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio. The shorts that are presented in full-frame look generally okay. These presentations have not been restored, and some of the shorts have a moderate amount of wear apparent throughout. The widescreen shorts also do have some wear on them occasionally, but do look noticably better overall than the earlier shorts in the set. No edge enhancement or artifacting is seen, but again, wear is spotted at times throughout. Colors do flutter at times and can look a touch faded, but again, look stronger in the widescreen presentations. Overall, fans will not be stunned by these presentations and some definitely look better than others (and some resortation work should have been done), but they are at least watchable.

SOUND: The mono soundtracks are up to expectations, given the age of the material. The audio can seem a bit thin, but it never sounds harsh, distorted or otherwise problematic.

EXTRAS: "Droopy and Friends" is an 18-minute retrospective look at the work of animator Tex Avery. It provides some decent facts and insights, but a full look at Avery's career would really require a more in-depth documentary. There's also "Doggone Gags", which is essentially a "Droopy" highlight reel. Finally, we also get 3 trailers for other Warner cartoon sets.

Final Thoughts: "Droopy"'s a lot of fun, the animation is terrific and the series - while not for kids - still stands up well today. However, the series deserved a richer presentation here, as video quality is uneven and the extras are thin. Still, a recommendation for fans of this classic 'toon.

DVD Information

Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
Dolby Digital 5.1
200 minutes
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Anamorphic:Yes (7 shorts)
Available At Amazon.com: Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection DVD