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Currentfilm.com Review:

A WB series that ran from 2002-2006, "Everwood" was created by Greg Berlanti, who has since gone on to create "Brothers and Sisters". "Everwood" stars Treat Williams as Dr. Andrew Brown (Treat Williams), a top neurosurgeon in Manhattan who decides to head away from the city with his 9-year-old daughter Delia Brown (Vivien Cardone) and 15-year-old son Ephram Brown (Gregory Smith) after his wife passes away.

His destination is Everwood (the series was filmed in Utah, around the Salt Lake City area), a small town that his wife had shared her feelings for in the past. A good portion of the series has the Brown family getting settled in their new surroundings and meeting new people, such as Andrew's friendly competition, Dr. Harold Abbott (Tom Amandes).

Of course, while the two adults bicker, Ephram falls for Amy (Emily VanCamp). While Amy has faced tragedy, she does turn to Ephram and this season sees the two become closer after Ephram returns from Julliard. Meanwhile, when (yet another) doctor (Scott Wolf, of "Party of Five" fame) moves into town and starts having eyes for Andy's ex, Nina (Stephanie Niznik).

However, issues boil underneath the surface, and the characters are thrown into turmoil when it is revealed that Andy kept a major secret from Ephram. The series does go moderately into melodramatic territory at times, but deserves credit for generally offering a pleasing mixture of Emotional Moments, warmth and occasional touches of good humor.

The performances are also solid, with Williams going a long way towards removing memories of some of the action B-movies he's done over the years (although admittedly some of those have been amusing.) The actor provides a solid core for the series, and his performance is believable. Supporting efforts from Amandes, Smith, VanCamp, Wolf and others are superb, as well. Overall, "Everwood" goes over similar ground to other shows, but a terrific ensemble cast and enjoyable writing make for a consistently pleasing series.

Some music has been changed on this DVD edition.

Season 3

46 3-01 13/Sep/04 For Every Action...
47 3-02 20/Sep/04 ...There is a Reaction
48 3-03 27/Sep/04 Staking Claim
49 3-04 04/Oct/04 The Birds & the
50 3-05 11/Oct/04 Sacrifice
51 3-06 25/Oct/04 Shoot the Moon
52 3-07 01/Nov/04 Best Laid Plans
53 3-08 15/Nov/04 The Tipping Point
54 3-09 22/Nov/04 The Reflex
55 3-10 29/Nov/04 Need to Know
56 3-11 17/Jan/05 Complex Guilt
57 3-12 24/Jan/05 Giving Up the Girl
58 3-13 31/Jan/05 The Perfect Day
59 3-14 07/Feb/05 Since You've Been Gone
60 3-15 14/Feb/05 Surprise
61 3-16 21/Feb/05 A Moment in Manhattan (a.k.a. A Mountain Town)
62 3-17 18/Apr/05 Fate Accomplis
63 3-18 25/Apr/05 Fallout
64 3-19 02/May/05 Acceptance
65 3-20 09/May/05 He Who Hesitates
66 3-21 16/May/05 Oh The Places You'll Go
67 3-22 23/May/05 Where the Heart Is


VIDEO: "Everwood" is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen by Warner Brothers. The episodes here are transferred nicely to disc, with only the occasional issue at times here-and-there. Sharpness and detail are mostly very good, although some low-light scenes and other moments can occasionally look slightly softer than the remainder.

Some minor edge enhancement on occasion and a few traces of pixelation during the darker scenes are the extent of the issues present on this release. Colors remained bright and vivid, with - aside from a moment or two - no smearing.

SOUND: The stereo soundtrack delivers music, dialogue, effects and ambience crisply and clearly.

EXTRAS: Outtakes.

Final Thoughts: Solid performances and fine writing make for another very good season of "Everwood". The DVD presentation boasts fine audio/video quality, but no supplements. Recommended for fans.

DVD Information

Everwood: Season 3
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
Dolby 2.0
951 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Everwood: Season 3 DVD