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The Movie:

Just in time for Halloween (well, actually over a month early, but nothing wrong with being punctual) is "The Fly Collection", a box set that pulls together all three of the original "Fly" pictures, along with an entire additional disc of bonus features.

The first (and best) of the films stars David (Al) Hedison as Andre Delambre, a scientist whose latest project is attempting to transfer matter through a space. When he decides to use himself as a test subject, things go horribly wrong when a common fly buzzes its way into the machine with him, turning him (and the fly) into horrific man-fly mash-ups. His only hope is that his wife (Patricia Owens) and brother (Vincent Price) can capture the other creature and get them both back into the machine in an attempt to reverse the process.

While not as successful as the original, "Return of the Fly" continues the legacy, focusing on Phillipe Delambre (Bretty Halsey) - the son of Andre - who tries to continue his father's teleporting experiments, with the help of assistant Ronald (David Frankham). Phillipe's uncle Franocis (Vincent Price) warns him against it, but kids never listen. The final film of the trilogy is "The Curse of the Fly", which features Martin Delambre (George Baker), the grandson of Andre. He falls in love with Patricia Stanley (Carole Gray), who's escaped from an institution. After the two marry, she soon finds out about her husband's past and realizes that her husband has some new experiments in mind.


VIDEO: "The Fly" films are presented by Fox in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. Although all three films are getting up there in years, they look surprisingly fresh on these new presentations from 20th Century Fox. Although it's understandable that there are some minor specks and wear seen on the elements, the majority of the films looked clean. No artifacting or edge enhnancement was seen. "The Fly" is presented with bright, well-saturated colors that don't appear faded or otherwise problematic.

SOUND: The original film has been given a Dolby Surround 4.0 makeover, but the other films are presented with their original mono soundtracks.

EXTRAS: Actor David (Al) Hedison and historian David Del Valle offer an audio commentary for the first "Fly" film. The last DVD in the "Fly" set is a bonus disc, which offers an A & E Biography for Vincent Price (45 minutes), a newly done featurette ("Fly Trap: Catching a Classic") and still galleries, pressbooks, posters and trailer, Movietone news and lobby cards for "The Fly"; trailer, tv spot, galleries and lobby cards for "Return of the Fly" and finally, a trailer, pressbook, photo gallery and poster/lobby card gallery for "The Curse of the Fly".

Final Thoughts: Although the sequels don't live up to the original, this is a very nice set for "Fly" fans, with very good presentation quality and a nice supply of extra features. The cost isn't too Vincent Price..y, either. (Ok, that was bad - let me just say that the set is reasonable.)

DVD Information

The Fly Collection
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
4-DVD Set
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: The Fly Collection DVD