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Currentfilm.com Review:

The series that made the phrase, "Book 'em, Danno" part of pop culture, "Hawaii 5-0" ran from 1968-1980 and starred Jack Lord ("Dragnet") and James MacArthur as Steve McGarrett and Danny "Danno" Williams, officers working for the Hawaii state police. Their job is to protect the island from evildoers, such as their main enemy, Chinese criminal Wo Fat (Khigh Dhiegh).

The series does seem dated in both its storylines and look, but the performances from Lord and MacArthur remained entertaining and the series offered a reasonably good helping of action, adventure and intrigue, as well as terrific scenery (which "Magnum, PI" also used to good effect years later.)

The third season of the series continues along the same path, with McGarrett and Williams heading off after various criminals, including evil Chinese agent Wo Fat, assassins, a former commander of a WWII prison camp, a cowboy killer, a crafty career thief and a criminal and his girlfriend who are being chased by criminals they stole a ransom from.

3- 1 303 16 Sep 70 ... And a Time to Die
- After a critically wounded US agent awaits surgery, McGarrett and his men race to recover the kidnappered daughter of the doctor set to perform the operation - and come face-to-face with Wo Fat.
3- 2 304 23 Sep 70 Trouble in Mind
- Poisoned heroin is smuggled into Hawaii, threatening the comeback of a drug-addicted singer and the career of one of McGarrett's team. Nancy Wilson guest stars.
3- 3 300 30 Sep 70 Second Shot
- McGarrett is caught in a deadly crossfire when assassination attempts are made on an exiled Greek doctor living in Hawaii and the journalist sent to interview him.
3- 4 301 7 Oct 70 Time and Memories
- Steve must confront his past when his former fiancee becomes the prime suspect in the case of her husband's murder. Martin Sheen guest stars.
3- 5 311 14 Oct 70 The Guanerius Caper
- A political powder keg is ignited when a pricess violin is stolen from a Russian musician on tour in Hawaii.
3- 6 310 21 Oct 70 The Ransom
- Five-O's efforts to rescue a wealthy kidnapped boy take an unexpected turn when the boy is freed, but Kono is captured and the bounty is put on his head, instead.
3- 7 306 28 Oct 70 Force of Waves
- After a boat explosion kills a wealthy businessman (and seriously injures McGarrett), Danno uncovers a string of incidents involving rich men who abandoned their wives.
3- 8 308 4 Nov 70 The Reunion
- While a visiting Japanese exec is recognized by the sadistic former commander of a WWII prison camp, McGarrett and his squad take a closer look at the man's agenda in Hawaii.
3- 9 307 11 Nov 70 The Late John Louisiana
- McGarrett combs the islands for the witness for a 2-year-old murder - a woman who has attracted the amorous attention of the hit man hired to kill her.
3-10 314 18 Nov 70 The Last Eden
- An ecologically-minded singer is accused of bombing a sewage plant. Is he the perp - or the fall guy?
3-11 309 25 Nov 70 Over Fifty? Steal!
- Steve finds himself in a game of wits against a career thief who leaves Monopoly money at the scene of his crimes.
3-12 313 2 Dec 70 Beautiful Screamer
- After Danno's girlfriend is murdered, he vows to bring down the killer: a strangler who writes the poetry of Byron on the legs of his victims.
3-13 316 9 Dec 70 The Payoff
- Steve rushes to capture a criminal and his girlfriend before they're caught by the two men they stole a ransom from.
3-14 320 16 Dec 70 The Double Wall
- A man falsely convicted of murder takes a prison doctor hostage. In order to save the doctor, the Five-O must prove the convict is innocent.
3-15 302 30 Dec 70 Paniolo
- After a Maui cowboy accidentally kills a shifty real estate agent, McGarrett organizes his posse and sets out on the trail of the cowboy.
3-16 318 6 Jan 71 Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
- When Steve learns that an electronics whiz has been busted out of prison to mastermind a diamond heist, he devises an elaborate security system to protect the island's most precious gems.
3-17 312 20 Jan 71 To Kill or Be Killed
- A Vietnam war hero dies under suspicious circumstances upon his return home. When the Army obstructs the Five-O's investigation, Danno goes undercover to find the truth.
3-18 321A 27 Jan 71 F.O.B. Honolulu (1)
3-19 321B 3 Feb 71 F.O.B. Honolulu (2)
- Hawaii becomes a hotbed of criminal activity when international agents - including Wo Fat - decend upon the island seeking counterfeit printing plates. McGarrett and his men try to find the plates before fake cash floods Hawaii's enconomy.
3-20 317 10 Feb 71 The Gunrunner
- The wife of an arms dealer appears to have been kidnapped by revolutionaries who want munitions diverted from their original destination. However, the Five-O suspects the kidnapper may be closer to home.
3-21 319 17 Feb 71 Dear Enemy
- Vera Miles guests in this story of a wife who manufactures evidence to convince Steve to reopen an old case - one in which her husband was convicted. While Steve uncovers her hoax, he realizes that the husband may be innocent after all.
3-22 315 24 Feb 71 The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney
- McGarrett and his team literally face a ticking time bomb when a man who blames Danno for the dealth of his brother invades Five-O HQ and wires himself with explosives.
3-23 305A 3 Mar 71 The Grandstand Play (1)
3-24 305B 10 Mar 71 The Grandstand Play (2)
- An ex-ballplayer who faces threats on the mainland tries to start a new life with his developmentally challenged son on the island, but faces new challenges once in Hawaii.


VIDEO: "Hawaii 5-0" is presented by Paramount Home Entertainment in 1.33;1 full-frame, the show's original aspect ratio. Picture quality is generally quite good, as the picture appeared bright, crisp and (at least for the most part) clean. Sharpness and detail were not outstanding, but the picture looked surprisingly crisp considering its age. Flaws on the elements used were limited to a few minor specks and marks. No edge enhancement or other faults were spotted, and colors didn't appear faded.

SOUND: The show's mono soundtrack came through clearly, sounding well-recorded (at least for the time period.)

EXTRAS: Episode promos.

Final Thoughts: "Hawaii Five-0"'s third season remains quite entertaining, with great stories and solid performances. The DVD presentation, however, offers very good audio/video quality, but disappoints in terms of supplements. Still, recommended for fans.

DVD Information

Hawaii Five-O: Season 3
Paramount Home Entertainment
20 Hours/15 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Hawaii Five-O: Season 3 DVD