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Currentfilm.com Review:

The new “Hannah Montana DVD Game” opens with an introduction from Lilly (Emily Osment) who offers an overview of the different games and activities available. The menu presents four options: Quick Start, How To Play, Sneak Peeks, and Credits. In Quick Start, you’re prompted to choose, 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, and 5+ players. Once you’ve picked how many players you want, you choose which player you want to be. You can pick between, Hannah Montana, Miley, Lilly, Jackson, Mr. Stewart, and Oliver. Once you and your teammates pick a character, it’s time to start playing a game. There are six games available for 1 player rounds, eight games for 2-3 players, nine games for 4 players, and a section called “Party Play” for five or more players.

The first game is the “Main Game” which is a “Hannah Montana” trivia game. Lilly guides the players through 20 questions, instructing them one whose turn it is so there’s no confusion. The backgrounds are bright and the music is lively (albeit somewhat generic and repetitive). The questions are all about the “Hannah Montana” television series and each question offers four possible answers. The game is straightforward and players are timed so no one’s left waiting for hours while someone tries takes their time.

“Pop Star” is a “Hannah Montana” Karaoke game, where players get to sing along with their favorite “Hannah Montana” songs. The songs included are: “Nobody’s Perfect”, “The Best of Both Worlds”, “If We Were a Movie”, “Rock Star”, “Who Said”, “Life’s What You Make It”, and “I Got Nerve”. The lyrics are highlighted on the screen so you don’t miss a word. This is a fun way for fans to pass the time and feel like a real pop star from their very own living room.

“Dance Off” teaches dance moves to “Hannah Montana” songs. The player(s) can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons before starting. The lessons are taught by Lilly, and the board you follow is set up a lot like “Dance Dance Revolution”. Thankfully there’s not only feet and squares to follow, but a shadow figure in front who demonstrates how you should be moving and what the dance should look like, which is especially helpful if you’re not a dancer. You can decide to have dancing lessons, or you can option for “just dance” where you’re free to dance on your own (the moves are still highlighted on the screen). None of the songs include any lyrics and last under a minute. While it’s fun for fans to learn the routine, it would have been nice to have the full songs or at least more time on the advanced sections.

“Band Audition” is a fun pretend audition with drums set up so you can show Hannah what you’ve got. A drum pattern is shown on the drums with glowing arrows, and it’s your job to memorize and repeat the sequence using the arrow keys on your remote control. The sequences increase the further you go along and Hannah and Mr. Stewart judge your performance at the end.

“Seeing Stars Memory Game” this is your basic memorization game, only with pictures of all of your favorite “Hannah Montana” characters. As the timed clock ticks by, each player must memorize nine pictures taped into a locker and the order they’re in. Once the time is up, the faces disappear and you have to put the right faces back in the right spot.

“Personality Quiz” is a no-score game, that offers three possible quizzes (which character are you most like, what kind of superstar you’re destined to become, and which school group you fit into). There are questions like “Hannah’s would-be signature perfume is called Oh Wow. What would your perfume be called”; each question has four possible answers. Once you’ve answered each question the way you relate to it, then you find out the results. Every possible answer is presented positively, so you never feel like you’re wrong to have chosen the answers you did.

“Keep The Beat” is a word association game. On each beat (or clap) each player must give a word that relates to the subjects given before the clapping starts. Each player offers a word, then the next player, then next, down a line until someone messes up. Once a player messes up (can’t think of a word), they’re out until there’s only one person left. Players pick between slow, medium or fast before beginning. This is one of the more interesting games since it forces players to think of words quickly.

In “True Friends”, players must answer questions about other players and themselves. Answers are paired up to see how well the players (Friends) know each other. The players are given a friendship rating based on how well they know each other. While this game is fun and a little contagious, it makes me wonder if it’s the best thing to have kids do together especially since friendships at that age are easily spoiled by the simplest disagreements, and not knowing your friends enough might touch a nerve.

In “Party Play”, players divide into two teams (Pop Stars vs. Super Fans). Each round (5, 10 or 15 rounds available) has a timed challenge per team. In “Party Play” there are three games to pick from: “Say Whaat?”, “Art Class” and “Hellooo Drama”. In “Say Whaat” you have to get your team to guess what you’re describing without saying the off limit words. In “Art Class” you must draw the challenge. And in “Hellooo Drama” you act out your subject without speaking.

“Hannah Montana DVD Game” was surprisingly more entertaining than I suspected. The menus are very easy to navigate with back buttons and easy to read fonts. The “how to play” button is also available in the game section, so you can always refer to how to play an particular game by clicking “how to play” and then the game you want to know more about. This is especially great for fans of the series, or young kids who might enjoy a variety of games at their next sleepover or for a rainy day weekend. With enough games to keep kids occupied for awhile, this DVD game is worth purchasing for any fan of the show.

The new “High School Musical DVD Game” is set up like the “Hannah Montana DVD game” with the same options on the main screen: “Quick Start”, “How to Play”, “Sneak Peeks” and “Credits”. The backgrounds are different, but just as bright (again, the music here is generic and repetitive, but works for the game). The games are set up the same way as well, with the option of playing as Chad, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Taylor, and Troy. Character Martha (KayCee Stroh) is the narrator here.

“High School Music DVD Game” plays off the high school aspect well, offering scores in the form of diplomas and grades, and games are titled in school themes as well. The games offered here are: “Main Game”, “Center Stage”, “Prom Night”, “Wildcats Try Outs”, “Yearbook Memory Game”, “Career Finder Quiz”, “Pep Rally”, “BFF’s” and “Party Play”. Once again, though the titles are different from “Hannah Montana DVD game”, the games are essentially the same.

The “Main Game” is a 20 question trivia game that offers clips, pictures, quotes and trivia from the “High School Musical” movies. “Center Stage” lets players sing along with “Now or Never”, “Bop to the Top”, “The Boys are Back”, “Humuhumunukuapua'a”, “Fabulous”, “Breaking Free”, and “Bet On It”. “Prom Night” is like “Dance Off”, and each player gets to choose their dance level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) before learning how to dance from Martha. Once again, the instructions are set up like “Dance Dance Revolution” and the songs are less than a minute. In “Wildcats Try Outs” you get a chance to prove you should be part of the basketball team by making shots from three positions (each position is worth different points). This is a fun game that allows you to select the direction you want to aim your basketball as well as the force you want behind it. A nice edition that, again, offers some positive feedback.

In “Yearbook Memory Game” you have to memorize the location of nine characters and put them in the right spots after the pictures are removed. “Career Finder Quiz” is a no-score game, that offers four possible quizzes about what career you might want to pursue. “Pep Rally” rules are just like “Keep the Beat” from “Hannah Montana DVD Game”, only with subjects related to “High School Musical”. “BFF’s” is like “True Friends” on the “Hannah” DVD , only --you guessed it--related to “High School Musical”. “Party Play” is set up like “Party Play” on the “Hannah Montana DVD Game” DVD, but this time the two teams are Jocks and Brainiacs. The three games you pick between are called, “Vocab Test”, “Art Class” and “Drama Class” that are set up like “Say Whaat?”, “Art Class” and “Hellooo Drama” from the “Hannah Montana DVD Game”.

“High School Musical DVD Game” is great for fans and offers several games for your kids sleepover, a rainy afternoon with friends, family or on your own. “High School Musical DVD Game” offers sleek graphics and entertaining games. Definitely worth purchasing for fans of the films.


VIDEO: These titles are mostly made up of various text screens (while the graphics certainly aren't overly complicated on either title, a fine amount of work - moreso on the "High School Musical" game - did go into making the screens lively and fun for fans), but there are some occasional clips and pictures included on both titles. Image quality remained satisfactory throughout.

SOUND: Both titles offer Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks, but the sound design on both titles is quite limited, with surrounds providing minor reinforcement of the music.

EXTRAS: Sneak Peeks included on “Hannah Montana DVD game” and “High School Musical DVD Game” are:
“High School Musical 2”
“The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea (Special Edition)”
“Space Buddies”
“Wizards of Waverly Place”
“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”
“Pinocchio: Platinum 70th Anniversary Edition”
“Disney Movie Rewards”
“Disney DVD Games”
“The Cheetah Girls: One World”
“Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season”

Final Thoughts: Both games are going to be enjoyable for fans and offer several games for a kids' sleepover, a rainy afternoon with friends, family or on your own. Definitely worth purchasing for fans of the films.

DVD Information

Disney Home Entertainment
Dolby Digital 5.1
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
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