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The Movie:

Seemingly one of only a few old TV shows that hasn't been made into a movie, "I Dream of Jeannie" was a popular 60's sitcom that ran for 5 years ('65-70) before putting the cap on the bottle and calling it quits. The series focused on major Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman), an astronaut who, in the first season, found a genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden) in a bottle when he found himself stranded on a desert island during a failed NASA mission. Having let her out of the bottle, he became her new master and, as such, he was entitled to wishes.

Most of the episodes had Major Nelson getting into various predicaments thanks to another idea or wish that Jeannie has managed to make a reality. Occasionally, Nelson would get assistance in hiding Jeannie from his friend, Captain Roger Healey (Bill Dailey). There was also the matter of the NASA psychologist, Dr. Bellows (Hayden Rorke), who always found a way to get Nelson into trouble.

The series was pretty formulaic, but the performances remained quite entertaining, as Hagman and Eden were a terrific match and supporting players like Dailey and Rorke filled out the cast well. The series does look dated at this point, but it's still a lot of fun and most of the episodes get quite a few good laughs.

Some of the highlights of this season include: "Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks" (Jeannie's mother sends a batch of candy with Tony to the NASA office, which becomes a top priority, as it has superhuman effects - but also causes the one who eats it to lose all inhibition), "Have You Heard the One About the Used Car Salesman?" (Jeannie wrecks Tony's car and takes it to a used car salesman to be repaired. He buys it from her for $400, then when Jeannie sees it selling for $1,600, she's determined to expose him as a cheat); "The Indispensible Jeannie" (Tony sends Jeannie away for a week while he and Roger are tested by Dr. Bellows, but Tony doesn't realize that Jeannie has made the house "automatic" and their wishes will be granted instantly).

Other highlights include: ""Is There a Doctor in the House" (Tony can't keep awake, leading to possibly being bumped from a mission. When Jeannie finds out, she seeks out the cause - her mother - for help); "Biggest Star in Hollywood" (the producers of "Laugh-in" want Jeannie in the show, and Roger poses as her manager) and "Around the World in 80 Blinks" (Jeannie sees Tony in space on television with a cold and tries to blink him home to rest, accidentially blinking the commander in instead. Although she gets Tony back as well, she then realizes she can't send them back to space, leaving Roger alone in orbit.)

4- 1 16 Sep 68 U-F-Oh Jeannie
4- 2 23 Sep 68 Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks
4- 3 7 Oct 68 Tomorrow is Not Another Day
4- 4 14 Oct 68 Abdullah
4- 5 4 Nov 68 The Used Car Salesman
4- 6 11 Nov 68 Djinn, Djinn, Go Home
4- 7 18 Nov 68 The Strongest Man in the World
4- 8 25 Nov 68 Indispensable Jeannie
4- 9 2 Dec 68 Jeannie and the Top Secret
4-10 9 Dec 68 How To Marry an Astronaut
4-11 16 Dec 68 Dr Bellows Goes Sane
4-12 30 Dec 68 Jeannie My Guru
4-13 6 Jan 69 The Case of My Vanishing Master (1)
4-14 13 Jan 69 The Case of My Vanishing Master (2)
4-15 27 Jan 69 Ride 'em Astronaut
4-16 3 Feb 69 Invisible House For Sale
4-17 10 Feb 69 Jeannie, the Governor's Wife
4-18 17 Feb 69 Is There a Doctor in the House
4-19 24 Feb 69 The Biggest Star in Hollywood
4-20 3 Mar 69 The Case of the Porcelain Puppy
4-21 10 Mar 69 Jeannie for the Defense
4-22 17 Mar 69 Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut
4-23 24 Mar 69 Around the Moon in 80 Blinks
4-24 7 Apr 69 Jeannie-Go-Round
4-25 14 Apr 69 Jeannie and the Secret Weapon
4-26 12 May 69 Blackmail Order Bride


VIDEO: "I Dream of Jeannie" is presented by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in color in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. The presentation quality is perfectly satisfactory, considering the age of the series. Sharpness and detail were fairly pleasing, as the picture mostly appeared crisp and clear. Some grain was occasionally present, as were the occasional speck on the elements, but the majority of the episodes appeared crisp and clean. No edge enhancement, pixelation or other additional issues were spotted. Colors remained bright and lively, looking nicely saturated and never smeary.

SOUND: The mono soundtrack didn't fare quite as well as the image quality, sounding a bit thin at times. Still, for a program from this era, the overall audio quality was reasonably good.

EXTRAS: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: "I Dream of Jeannie" remains breezy and fun in this enjoyable fourth season. The DVD set doesn't provide any supplements, but audio/video quality is fine.

DVD Information

I Dream of Jeannie - Season 4
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
4 DVDs
680 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: I Dream of Jeannie - Season 4 DVD.