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Currentfilm.com Review:

One of the top rated shows on ABC Family, "Kyle XY"'s first season opened with a young man (Matt Dallas) waking up in the middle of a forest outside of Seattle. Picked up by the authorities, he can't speak any English and seems completely unable to communicate with the outside world. There's also the odd fact that he's without any sort of bellybutton.

Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre), a social worker, is called in to the detention center to try and figure out the case. Sensing that the boy - who she later names Kyle - is different and not going to fare well in the tough facility - she takes him home, much to the dismay of her daughter Lori (April Matson) and son Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau). Not surprisingly, after an episode, the two kids are more accepting of their very unusual new friend - who they quickly learn is incredibly brilliant, displaying far more brain activity than the normal human and going for days without sleep.

The series focuses on the lives of the family and the kind of "fish out of water" moments of discovery that Kyle has. Meanwhile, there's also the mystery of just who is Kyle, and who is the man (Nicholas Lea, formerly of "X-Files" fame) that's following close behind him? The series is a mixture of Kyle's "fish out of water" moments of discovery, his attempts to try and figure out who he is and moments of teen drama/comedy that focus on the brother and sister characters.

The second season of the series picks up where the first season left off, as Kyle has been taken from his parents and confronts Adam Baylin, a man who doesn't appear much older than Kyle, and informs Kyle that he has the information about Kyle that he is looking for. While Kyle learns from Adam and finds out the astonishing truth about his existence, yet another is found in the forest, similar to how Kyle was.

While Kyle is able to return to the Tragers, who had been worried about him after his leaving at the end of the prior season, he returns with a set of secrets about his past that he has to keep from the family he has come to love. However, the girl found in the forest, who will soon come to be known as Jessi XX (Jamie Alexander), seeks out Kyle and soon shows herself to be his opposite.

Kyle's home life also becomes more difficult, as his secrets conflict with his family life and cause him to seem distracted to his new parents and siblings. Kyle also rekindles his relationship with a sweet neighbor named Amanda (played by Kirsten Prout), while Josh's life is changed by a girl (Magda Apanowicz) with an illness, who he falls for.

The series sees some improvements in this second season (its first full season after the shorter first.) The story is expanded upon in ways that are compelling and - while it manages to answer some questions raised in the first season - it also does a fine job introducing some new mysteries. The characters also seem a bit more well-developed this time around, too: of particular note are Kyle's brother and sister, who seem a little more real and less like stereotypical brother and sister characters this season. Overall, "Kyle XY"'s second season was a pleasant surprise.

The third and final season of the series is another shortened run at 10 episodes. While the finale does leave some questions (which are answered in a separate feature on the DVD), the remainder of the season is otherwise quite entertaining.

The final run starts where the prior season left off, with Kyle searching for Amanda after prom night, only to also get taken by a group of unseen figures, who turn out to be from the mysterious Latnok group. While Kyle escapes, it certainly isn't the last he has seen of the group. The season follows Kyle's relationship with Amanda, which is complicated by the presence of Jessi, who comes to live with the Tragers.

The remainder of the season deals with the two plots - Kyle's attempts to figure out where he stands with Jessi and Amanda, as well as trying to discover the truth about Latnok and its secretive operative, Cassidy (Hal Ozsan) - who continually pressures Kyle to join the organization. The finale has Kyle learning about the group's plans, but the episode still leaves some elements of the story up in the air.

Season 3

34 3-01 12/Jan/09 It Happened One Night
35 3-02 19/Jan/09 Psychic Friend
36 3-03 26/Jan/09 Electric Kiss
37 3-04 02/Feb/09 In the Company of Men
38 3-05 09/Feb/09 Life Support
39 3-06 16/Feb/09 Welcome to Latnok
40 3-07 23/Feb/09 Chemistry 101
41 3-08 02/Mar/09 The Tell-Tale Heart
42 3-09 09/Mar/09 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
43 3-10 16/Mar/09 Bringing Down the House


VIDEO: "Kyle XY" is presented by Buena Vista Home Entertainment in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. The presentations are generally excellent, as the series almost always appeared sharp and detailed, with fine details in the images often visible. Some slight artifacting was spotted in a few scenes, but no edge enhancement or other faults were seen. Colors looked natural at all times, with fine saturation and no smearing.

SOUND: Not a whole lot is required of the show's Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation. Surrounds occasionally offer sound effects and ambience, but the majority of the audio comes from the front speakers. Audio quality remained first rate, with crisp dialogue, effects and score.

EXTRAS: Audio commentary on "Bringing Down the House" by producer David Himelfarb and co-exec producer Julie Plec and another commentary on "LifeSupport", by Himelfarb and producer Eric Tuchman. The commentaries are quite good, as the producers give a terrific discussion of the production process for the series and provide some engaging behind-the-scenes tidbits (about the episode as well as the season in general.) Finally, we get a set of deleted scenes with commentary and "Future Revealed", a lengthy featurette where the creators discuss where the series would have gone in seasons 4 and 5 with the main plot threads.

Final Thoughts: While the series ends with questions left unanswered, "Kyle XY"'s third and final round of episodes is otherwise a highly entertaining effort that should please fans. The DVD set provides very nice audio/video quality, as well as a few extras (including one that answers some of the questions that are left hanging after the finale.) Recommended.

DVD Information

Kyle XY: Season 3
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dolby Digital 5.1
436 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Kyle XY: Season 3 DVD