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Currentfilm.com Review:

"Manswers" is the latest offering from the testosterone-heavy Spike TV cable network. The series, which is apparently one of the channel's more popular shows, takes the raunchy humor of Comedy Central's former "Man Show" and adds an "informative" (or about as informative as this kind of show is capable of being) side to it. Each episode is made up of segments that explore various questions, with a narrator that sounds like he'd be at home at a demolition derby.

The questions that are offered up in each segment are some of the questions that scholars have been contemplating for many years. Questions such as:

1. What's the Best Human Organ to Eat? [1:09]
2. What Does the Shape of Her Boob Tell You About Her Personality? [3:29]
3. What's the Most Dangerous Wild Animal in America? [2:49]
4. How Can You Make Your Girlfriend Less Bitchy? [2:36]
5. Is the Death Touch for Real? [3:39]
6. What Kind of Girls Are Best In Bed? [2:56]
7. How Many Floors Can You Fall In an Elevator and Still Survive? [3:11]
8. Can You Beat a Breathalyzer? [4:42]
9. How Can You Defend Yourself In a Bar Fight? [3:37]
10. How Tough Are Implants? [3:19]
11. How Can A Guy Get High Legally? [4:17]
12. How Can You Turn Your Pickup Truck Into a Hot Tub? [3:48]
13. How Many People Have Been Killed By Vending Machines? [2:15]
14. So What the Hell is a Crushing Video? [2:46]
15. How Can You Take A Bullet Out Yourself? [3:25]
16. How Teeny Can a Bikini Get Before It's Legally Considered Nudity? [2:57]
17. How Can You Get Drunk Faster? [3:58]
18. How Big Do Boobs Have To Be To Crush a Beer Can? [2:12]
19. How have Guys Gotten a Happy Ending at High-Class Massage Parlors? [4:37]
20. Do Big Boobs Float? [2:50]
21. Can You Take the Dump Of Death? [6:34]
22. How Do You Take a Stripper Home? [4:37]
23. Which Animal Is Most Like Having Sex With a Woman? [2:28]
24. Is She a Hooker or a Cop? [4:39]
25. Who Has the Biggest Boobs in the World? [3:01]

The series is basically entertaining in a mindless sort of way, as it does at least provide some factoids behind some of the more ridiculous "Maxim"-style questions that they can come up with. The announcer's a little irritating ("Dude, AWESOME!"), but thankfully the announcer isn't constantly chattering and we actually do get some thoughts from - surprisingly - those in the medical industry, who provide greater (and occasionally grosser) background on the science behind a couple of questions.

Overall, watching the series was amusing, but there's not a great deal of repeat viewing value. Note: it is a little surprising that this isn't presented unrated.


VIDEO: "Manswers" is presented by Paramount in 1.33:1 full-frame, likely the show's original aspect ratio. Image quality was perfectly passable for this sort of material (which looks to have been filmed on video.) Sharpness and detail were average, as while the picture didn't look particularly well-defined, it at least remained consistently decently defined, even in the darker scenes. Some mild grain and occasional artifacting was spotted, but the majority of the presentation seemed clean and clear.

SOUND: The presentation offered crisp, natural dialogue and rather loud music.

EXTRAS: Zip. Zero.

Final Thoughts: "Manswers" provides some mindless entertainment and you may "learn" a thing or two watching it. However, I can't see the program having too much repeat viewing value. The DVD offers satisfactory audio/video quality, but no extras. Rent it.

DVD Information

Manswers: Best of Season 1
Paramount Home Entertainment
91 minutes
Rated NR
Dual Layer:No
Available At Amazon.com: Manswers: Best of Season 1 DVD