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Currentfilm.com Review:

"Moonlight" is another example of how viewer reaction doesn't necessarily keep a TV show on the air. The TV series was voted Favorite New TV Drama at the Viewers Choice Awards in 2008; while some may not hold the Viewers Choice Awards in terribly high regard, at least it was some indication that the show had developed a fanbase. Still, the series - which was paired up with "Ghost Whisperer" on Friday nights - didn't pull together the kind of ratings that were required to convince CBS to renew the series.

The show stars Alex O'Laughlin as the ridiculously named Mick St. John (sorry all you Mick St. Johns out there, but it's a goofy name for a character in a show like this), a vampire who was turned by his former wife, Coraline Duvall (Shannyn Sossamon). In present day, he works as a private investigator, taking on various cases in noir fashion.

Early on, Mick runs into Beth (Sophia Myles), a star reporter for the online news website Buzzwire. Naturally, she's curious about the man who seems to be a better sleuth than she is, and the two begin to work with one another on a case. She gradually finds out more about him, but it's soon revealed that they have a stronger connection than she could have realized.

While Mick finds himself falling for Beth, he realizes the difficulty involved in there being a vampire-human connection, and also finds that she's already taken by another. The series also explores Mick's somewhat uneasy friendship with Josef (Jason Dohring), a fellow vampire and underworld figure hooked into the world of high finance who has a very approach to life than Mick.

While the initial episodes of the series suffer from some moments of clunky dialogue, the writing does start to kick in a little more strongly as the season goes on (although I never quite felt that the storyline was incredibly original, as aspects of it have been done before.) However, while the writing does have some iffy moments, the performances are very enjoyable from the opening moments onwards, as Myles and O'Loughlin have an appealing chemistry with one another and their performances lead to characters that feel a little more three-dimensional than the material would otherwise lead to.

While I didn't find these episodes to be without concerns, I did like the show's performance and felt that the show at least does show enough potential here to believe that issues could be smoothed out in future seasons had the show lasted.

1. 1- 1 28 Sep 07 No Such Thing As Vampires
2. 1- 2 5 Oct 07 Out of the Past
3. 1- 3 12 Oct 07 Dr. Feelgood
4. 1- 4 19 Oct 07 Fever
5. 1- 5 26 Oct 07 Arrested Development
6. 1- 6 2 Nov 07 B.C.
7. 1- 7 9 Nov 07 The Ringer
8. 1- 8 16 Nov 07 12:04 AM
9. 1- 9 23 Nov 07 Fleur de Lis
10. 1-10 14 Dec 07 Sleeping Beauty
11. 1-11 11 Jan 08 Love Lasts Forever
12. 1-12 18 Jan 08 The Mortal Cure
13. 1-13 25 Apr 08 Fated to Pretend
14. 1-14 2 May 08 Click
15. 1-15 9 May 08 What's Left Behind
16. 1-16 16 May 08 Sonata


VIDEO: "Moonlight" is presented by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. The presentations look alright; sharpness and detail are generally satisfactory, although some scenes look a tad softer. Flaws include some minor instances of edge enhancement seen at times, as well as some instances of light pixelation seen at times. The show's color palette was often subdued, but brighter, warmer colors were sometimes seen. Colors looked accurately presented, with fine saturation and no smearing or other concerns.

SOUND: The show is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. Surrounds are occasionally put to use for effects or ambience during more intense sequences, but otherwise, the audio generally folds up towards the front speakers. Audio quality is fine, with clear dialogue and full, crisp music.

EXTRAS: Given the show's fanbase, one would think that there'd be extras. Nope - unfortunately, fans will find no bonus features here.

Final Thoughts: While I didn't find these episodes to be without some flaws, I did like the show's performance and felt that the show at least does show enough potential here to believe that issues could be smoothed out in future seasons had the show lasted. The DVD offers satisfactory audio/video quality and no extras. Recommended for fans.

DVD Information

Moonlight: Complete Series
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
4-DVD Set
Dolby Digital 5.1
692 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Moonlight: Complete Series DVD