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Currentfilm.com Review:

Although generally regarded as a classic in the teen film genre, "Porkys" simply has seemed to inspire a re-visit in the updated "American Pie" after quite a few years where the "teen sex comedy" well was running dry. Neither film has much of a plot beyond a group of guys looking for sex and trying to pick up women.

Here, there's six high school kids, Pee Wee (Dan Monohan), Billy (Mark Herrier), Mickey (Roger Wilson), Tim (Cyril O'Reilly), Tommy (Wyatt Knight), and Meat (Tony Ganos), looking to score or at least get a peek at some female nudity as they grow up in Angel Beach, Florida in the 50's. Their prayers seem to have been answered as they head to Porky's - a bar and brothel located nearby.

The kids end up getting humiliated by Porky and ripped off - of course, they vow revenge but aren't terribly successful. In the meantime, they have some fun playing pranks on each other and others (witness a fairly hilarious prank call about halfway through the film). None of this is particularly deep, or does it even have much of a message. It's just about showing some nudity and attempting to offer a few jokes - some of which work for a few solid laughs, while some fall flat 20 years later. "Porkys" also features a small early performance from "Sex and the City" star Kim Catrall.

"The Next Day" is the generally unfunny sequel that brings back many of the same characters, although keeps the level of laughs and raunchy fun down in comparison to the original feature. The plot revolves around the kids protesting after their play gets shut down for being obscene. Finally, "Porky's Revenge" ends the "Unholy Trilogy" with a tale that sees Meat (Tony Ganios) picking up a buxom babe that turns out to be the daughter of Porky, who's back in business and wants the school team to throw the championship basketball game.


VIDEO: Once again, Fox does present "Porkys" in a new 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer. Although I haven't seen the original non-anamorphic release, this new presentation shows that the film has not aged terribly well. Sharpness is often inconsistent, looking average at best. Although some of the bright, outdoor sequences begin to come closer to looking well-defined, much of the interior sequences are noticably soft and sometimes slightly hazy.

At least there are not any instances of visible pixelation or shimmering. The only problem besides the almost consistent softness are print flaws. Although not massive, there is some wear apparent throughout the movie, including scratches and occasional marks, with slight grain. Colors generally seem solid and natural, not faded. Although there are some problems that are noticable and somewhat distracting at times, "Porkys" still looks pretty decent considering it's age.

"The Next Day" and "Porky's Revenge" look somewhat better than the original. Each presented in a 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer, the picture quality of each at least looks generally sharper and somewhat more well-defined than the original, with some softness occasionally noticable in the image. Colors look more vibrant and natural, as well. Problems still do arise with print flaws often noticable in the form of small marks and scratches, although nothing majorly distracting.

SOUND: "Porkys" gets a new Dolby Surround presentation on this double feature DVD, but the results are generally decent for the film's age. It's all-dialogue, but unfortunately, the dialogue sounds slightly poor at times, sounding somewhat harsh and unnatural. The original mono soundtrack is included here, as well as on the second film.

"The Next Day" and "Revenge" offer a basic, dialogue-driven stereo audio presentation. The audio for both sounds slightly clearer and fuller (if not by much) in comparison to the original. Dialogue still sounds noticably thin at times, although better than the first film.

EXTRAS: Director Bob Clark offers a commentary for the first film. Sadly, the commentary was recorded not long before the director passed away after a recent car accident. The commentary does have some stretches of silence, but Clark provides a decent look overall at the making of the film and its legacy. We also get the sales pitch for the "Porky's" video game, which is a kick to watch. We also get the "Porky's Through the Peephole: Bob Clark Looks Back" featurette, "Porky's: A Comedy Classic" featurette" and trailers for the films.

Final Thoughts: While the two sequels aren't as entertaining as the original, all three films do have their fans, who should be pleased with this box set, which is available online at some stores for as low as $20. Recommended for fans.

DVD Information

Alpha Dog
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Subtitles: English
Rated R
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Alpha Dog DVD