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Currentfilm.com Review:

"Rob and Big" is another MTV reality series, produced by Jeff Tremaine (of "Jackass" fame.) This show focuses on pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, who - like most skateboarders - has been harassed at one time or another by security or other folks looking to shoo him out of their area. While most skateboarders eventually are satisfied to leave when they're in trouble for skating around, Dyrdek had a different idea: hire a giant guy that looks like he would be at home in the front line for the Chicago Bears defense in order to serve as his bodyguard. That guy is Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, who has become best friends with Dyrdek.

The series really doesn't have very much to it - the cameras watch as the odd couple goes about their day, hanging out together in Dyrdek's big house and going out on various adventures - skateboarding and otherwise. The appeal of the series is not only the fact that the two get into some amusing situations (although I question how long the series can go on the premise), but the fact that (and I'm going to sound a lot older than I am when I say this) this is a series directed towards younger people that actually promotes friendships. While not without some moments where the two rip on each other, this is actually otherwise a friendly show and the two make a solid buddy team, with amusing supporting efforts by animals Mini-Horse and Meaty the Bulldog.

The set offers uncensored episodes.

1 Moving In 11/2/2006
2 Go Skate Day 11/9/2006
3 Travel 11/16/2006
4 Weight 11/23/2006
5 Birthday 11/30/2006
6 Re-decorating 12/7/2006
7 Blind Date 12/14/2006
8 Protection 12/21/2006
10 Meaty & Mini 5/22/2007
11 Time Traveling 5/29/2007
12 Mississippi 6/6/2007
13 New Assistant 6/12/2007
14 Black Lavender 6/19/2007
15 Tampa 6/26/2007
16 Bobby Light 7/3/2007
17 C-List 7/10/2007


VIDEO: Paramount presents "Rob and Big" in 1.33:1 full-frame, the show's original aspect ratio. Sharpness and detail are generally above-par for a reality TV show, although some moments are a little uneven (appearing a tad softer or murkier.) Some mild shimmer occasionally was spotted, but the picture otherwise was free of such concerns as edge enhancement or pixelation. Colors looked bright and rich, with no smearing or other issues.

SOUND: Paramount presents the series in stereo, and the audio offers clear dialogue and music.

EXTRAS: Commentary by Rob and Big Black, Jeff Tremaine and Reuben Fleisher, deleted scenes, "The Real Deal" featurette, additional footage of Meaty the dog, skate tutorials, music video, bonus mini footage and bonus uncle Jerry footage.

Final Thoughts: While the core plot of the series will eventually wear thin, "Rob and Big" offers up some good laughs and amusing adventures with the buddy team. Paramount's DVD edition offers plenty of supplements for fans to enjoy, as well as solid audio/video quality. Recommended.

DVD Information

Rob and Big: Seasons 1/2
Paramount Home Entertainment
320 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Rob and Big: Seasons 1/2 DVD