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The Movie:

This 6-DVD box set includes the complete sixth season of "Smallville". The series focuses on the teenage years of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) - A.K.A. "Superman". The show was one of the hits for the WB network, but is now among the "starting lineup" for the merged network of UPN and the WB, he CW.

The fifth season of the series saw the show moving to a more competitive time slot and holding its own as it passed its 100th episode. The fifth season was a big one for the series, which saw the characters moving on past school and towards bigger things. The opening episode has no less than Clark finding himself in the Fortress of Solitude and telling his secret to Chloe (Allison Mack.) Clark also finds himself without his powers early in the season and makes a proposal to Lana. Lex also grows far more dangerous and Clark must overcome tragedy in "Reckoning", the 100th episode.

The fifth season's tense finale set up what becomes an intense sixth season. Season 6 starts with "Zod", the most expensive episode of the series ever, which picks up where the prior season left off: Clark is trapped in the phantom zone, while Lex has been taken over by Zod and Metropolis is in ruins as riots tear apart the streets.

Although Clark eventually manages to free Lex from Zod, his problems are certainly far from over: criminals trapped in the phantom zone escaped to Earth when he opened the gate to return, and it's not long before Lex returns to his old ways. However, Clark has some help in the form of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, played by Justin Hartley, who was originally cast in "Aquaman", a series from the creators of "Smallville" that as an internet sensation, but never made it to TV. The season also continues the triangle between Lex, Lana and Clark.

The show's cast continues to impress during this sixth round of episodes. Welling manages to convey the character's inner turmoil well as the character comes to terms with his future as a hero and protector in this season. Rosenbaum, who's an underrated comedic talent, also handles the character's darkness quite well here. Mack also shines as Clark's pal and so does the rest of the ensemble, including Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang), Annette O'Toole, Hartley and Erica Durance (Lois Lane). Once again, the series comes up with an exciting cliffhanger of a season finale that leaves the fate of some of the characters in question.
Season 6

111. 6- 1 28 Sep 06 Zod
112. 6- 2 5 Oct 06 Sneeze
113. 6- 3 12 Oct 06 Wither
114. 6- 4 19 Oct 06 Arrow
115. 6- 5 26 Oct 06 Reunion
116. 6- 6 2 Nov 06 Fallout
117. 6- 7 9 Nov 06 Rage
118. 6- 8 16 Nov 06 Static
119. 6- 9 7 Dec 06 Subterranean
120. 6-10 11 Jan 07 Hydro
121. 6-11 18 Jan 07 Justice
122. 6-12 25 Jan 07 Labyrinth
123. 6-13 1 Feb 07 Crimson
124. 6-14 8 Feb 07 Trespass
125. 6-15 15 Feb 07 Freak
126. 6-16 15 Mar 07 Promise
127. 6-17 22 Mar 07 Combat
128. 6-18 19 Apr 07 Progeny
129. 6-19 26 Apr 07 Nemesis
130. 6-20 3 May 07 Noir
131. 6-21 10 May 07 Prototype
132. 6-22 17 May 07 Phantom


VIDEO: "Smallville" is presented by Warner Brothers in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. The picture quality was really quite excellent, as the image seemed impressive throughout the episodes. The picture quality for the fourth season was about the same as the prior season set. Sharpness and detail remained surprisingly good, as the picture remained crisp and well-defined, with no inconsistencies or softness. Fine details are often visible and there's a nice depth to the image.

The picture did have some minor concerns, such as some slight shimmer and a little bit of edge enhancement. No pixelation or other faults were noticed, though. The source elements remained in pristine condition, with no wear or other flaws. Colors remained bright and well-saturated, with no smearing or other concerns.

SOUND: "Smallville" is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 by Warner Brothers. The show's audio remains quite engaging and enveloping, with crisp, clear dialogue and well-recorded sound effects.

EXTRAS: "Green Arrow: Legend of the Emerald Archer" featurette, "Smallville: Big Fans" featurette, deleted scenes, "Smallville Legends: the Oliver Queen Chronicles" CG mobisodes, "The Making of Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles" and "Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom" animated storyline-related episode bookend segments.

Final Thoughts:"Smallville" turns in another stellar season, with excellent performances from the cast, compelling plots and some unexpected twists and turns. The DVD set provides terrific audio/video quality and a few bonus features. Recommended.

DVD Information

Smallville: Season 6
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
6-DVD Set
Dolby Digital 5.1
917 Minutes
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:Yes
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