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Currentfilm.com Review:

One of the earliest performances from Michael Douglas, "The Streets of San Francisco" aired on ABC from 1972-1977 and was widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. The series starred Karl Malden as Lt. Mike Stone, a grumpy veteran detective working for the San Francisco PD. Stone was paired up with Steve Keller, a young officer with little experience. While the two mismatched cops initally don't get along, they quickly begin to bond.

The plots of the series are fairly standard crime drama material, but the performances from Douglas and Malden carry the show well. Additionally, while the stories are fairly familiar, the dialogue between the two remains smart and engaging and the episodes are paced well. The series may seem rather dated at this point, but fans should consider a return visit to these streets after all these years.

Episodes included in Season 1, Vol. 2:
14. 1-15 13 Jan 73 Deathwatch
- After two fishermen encounter illegal smugglers at sea, one is killed and the other is threatened into helping the crooks.
15. 1-16 18 Jan 73 Act of Duty
- A female police officer Steve is dating is killed while trying to trap a criminal. But then her roommate, a rookie cop, goes after the culprit on her own.
16. 1-17 25 Jan 73 The Set-Up
- A retired hit man returns to San Francisco, not knowing that he himself is a target, as someone wants to keep him from testifying.
17. 1-18 1 Feb 73 A Collection of Eagles
- A devious coin dealer schemes to switch an old man's collection of gold coins with fakes.
18. 1-19 8 Feb 73 A Room With a View
- An assassin develops a relationship with a high school teacher. His motive? Her apartment has a perfect view for his next hit.
19. 1-20 15 Feb 73 Deadline
- A famous newspaper columnist stays one step ahead of Stone and Keller after he kills his mistress - until he learns some shocking news about his son.
20. 1-21 22 Feb 73 Trail of the Serpent
- The leader of the Cobras street gang killed a cop and is now in jail. So his gang abducts Mike Stone, hoping to exchange him for their leader.
21. 1-22 1 Mar 73 The House on Hyde Street
- Stone and Keller investigate the death of a boy in a cluttered old house, only to discover a recluse who neighbors say killed a little girl 30 years prior.
22. 1-23 8 Mar 73 Beyond Vengeance
- A psycho Mike put away over a decade ago is out on bail and is coming after Mike's daughter.
23. 1-24 15 Mar 73 The Albatross
- Since he wasn't wearing his hearing aid, a killer didn't hear his rights being read and is freed. So, the father of the boy he killed goes after him, seeing revenge.
24. 1-25 22 Mar 73 Shattered Image
- Mike is reunited with a woman from his old neighborhood. She's now a socialite and the wife of a senatorial candidate who's just been murdered.
25. 1-26 5 Apr 73 The Unicorn
- A priest is forced to help a desperate dockworker who was involved in the theft of two crates of heroin.
26. 1-27 12 Apr 73 Legion of the Lost
After three homeless men are killed, Stone goes undercover and finds out that the real target is a rich young man who's hit rock-bottom.

From producer Quinn Martin ("The Fugitive", "The Streets of San Francisco") comes "The Untouchables". The series ran from 1959 to 1963 on ABC and profiled Eliot Ness (Robert Stack), the lawman responsible for Al Capone's downfall. In this second volume of the first season, Ness and his men go after Frank Nitti (Bruce Gordon), Capone's enforcer, as well as a series of other mobsters and various criminals.

Episodes included in Season 1, Vol. 2:
1-15 14 Jan 60 Star Witness
- An accountant with a brilliant mind for numbers agrees to testify against the mob, but keeping him safe proves more difficult than Ness expected.
1-16 28 Jan 60 The St. Louis Story
- The team faces off against the owner of the Jockey Club, who also happens to be the boss of the St. Louis underground.
1-17 4 Feb 60 One-Armed Bandit
- A newly released convinct is blackmailed into running a slot-machine racket. If he doesn't, his daughter will learn of his existence and be scandalized.
1-18 11 Feb 60 Little Egypt
- The department's newest agent is able to infiltrate the mob, using carrier pigeons to get the information out - until he gets in trouble.
1-19 18 Feb 60 The Big Squeeze
- For Ness, a master bank robber proves a worthy opponent - Ness finds he must get him on a different charge.
1-20 25 Feb 60 The Unhired Assassin (1)
1-21 3 Mar 60 The Unhired Assassin (2)
- A crazed derelict in Florida is obsessed with killing President Roosevelt, while Capone's mob is planning to take over the Chicago World's Fair by killing the mayor. 1-22 10 Mar 60 The White Slavers
- The head of a prostitution ring tries to get a former madam to help her, but she decides to work with Ness instead.
1-23 24 Mar 60 Three Thousand Suspects
- Just as a prisoner is about to turn stool pigeon, he's shot by someone on the inside.
1-24 31 Mar 60 The Doreen Maney Story
- A woman and her boyfriend rob an armored truck. When she's caught, Ness uses her as bait to catch her boyfriend.
1-25 7 Apr 60 Portrait of a Thief
- The president of a firm that distributes alcohol has mob ties and has been swindling his company for years - but then the mob turns on him.
1-26 14 Apr 60 The Underwold Bank
- The crime lords have become money lenders. When they cut one of their men out of his share, he comes after them - and so does Ness.
1-27 21 Apr 60 Head of Fire, Feet of Clay
- Ness is worries about his childhood pal - a boxing promoter who's mixed up with a criminal ness has never been able to convinct.
1-28 28 Apr 60 The Frank Nitti Story
- Capone's main enforcer, Frank Nitti, has gone into the movie business, threatening theatre owners into paying him protection money.

Both volumes are available separately.


VIDEO: Both shows are presented in 1.33:1 full-frame in each set. Although "The Untouchables" was produced over thirty years ago, the series still looked surprisingly fresh and clean, with only a few minor instances of specks, marks and grain. No artifacting or edge enhancement was seen, and the picture remained at least moderately detailed and crisp throughout. "Streets of San Francisco" looked similarly impressive considering its age, with very little wear on the elements used and satisfactory sharpness and detail.

SOUND: Both shows offered mono audio and while audio sounded clean, both shows did seem a tad thin-sounding at times, especially the older "Untouchables."

EXTRAS: "The Untouchables" offers "The Lucy Show: Lucy the Gun Moll" episode. "Streets" has no extras.

DVD Information

Paramount Home Entertainment
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Untouchables: Season 1/Vol. 2 DVD, Streets of San Francisco: Season 1/Vol. 2 DVD