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Currentfilm.com Review:

A series that ran on HBO from 1989-1996, "Tales From the Crypt" caught on - in part - due to the show's ability to merge campy old-fashioned (and often darkly funny) horror (based on the old comic series) with more modern filmmaking techniques and an impressive roster of talent (likely attracted by producers Walter Hill, Richard Donner, Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis.) For those unfamiliar, episodes were introduced by a skeletal character called the Cryptkeeper whose wisecracks provided an introduction to the story.

While a few episodes here are a little more uneven, most of this season is a lot of fun and, once again, the stories have an entertaining way of being a bit wink-wink/nudge-nudge corny and, at the same time, clever and unpredictable. Great casting and direction also further liven up many of the episodes here.

One of the best episodes comes from producer Robert Zemeckis, who directs "You, Murderer", a dark tale about a criminal (Humphrey Bogart, via some inspired visual effects) who had plastic surgery to look like Bogart in order to try and evade the law. However, when his ex-wife (Isabella Rosselini) gets wise, his surgeon (a terrific John Lithgow) has some suggestions. However, he soon finds that the tables have turned against him - and he's surprised who set him up. Darkly funny, clever and with some great effects work, this is a fun dark tale that's a little more noir than horror.

66. 6- 1 31 Oct 94 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
67. 6- 2 31 Oct 94 Only Skin Deep
68. 6- 3 31 Oct 94 Whirlpool
69. 6- 4 9 Nov 94 Operation Friendship
70. 6- 5 16 Nov 94 Revenge Is the Nuts
71. 6- 6 23 Nov 94 The Bribe
72. 6- 7 30 Nov 94 The Pit
73. 6- 8 7 Dec 94 The Assassin
74. 6- 9 14 Dec 94 Staired in Horror
75. 6-10 21 Dec 94 In the Groove
76. 6-11 28 Dec 94 Surprise Party
77. 6-12 4 Jan 95 Doctor of Horror
78. 6-13 11 Jan 95 Comes the Dawn
79. 6-14 18 Jan 95 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror
80. 6-15 25 Jan 95 You, Murderer


VIDEO: Warner Brothers presents the latest season of "Tales" in the show's original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. Image quality is certainly adequate, but falls a little short of what fans are probably hoping for from the series. Sharpness and detail remain just average throughout, as the episodes consistently look soft, if not so soft as to appear blurry or hazy.

Aside from the softness, some minor-to-mild wear on the print is occasionally spotted, as are some very slight instances of shimmer and pixelation. Colors can look slightly hazy or smeary, but some scenes present tighter, crisper colors. Overall, this presentation looked largely similar to previous sets.

SOUND: The stereo soundtrack is just fine, providing crisp dialogue, sound effects and music.

EXTRAS: Virtual comic book version of "Whirlpool".

Final Thoughts: This sixth season of "Tales" provides an eerie assortment of fun (and sometimes darkly funny) horror tales, with some solid performances from the wide variety of stars. The DVD set provides just adequate video quality, but fine audio and one supplement. Recommended for fans.

DVD Information

Tales From the Crypt - Season 6 DVD
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment
3 DVDs
370 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated UR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Tales From the Crypt - Season 6 DVD, Tales From the Crypt - Season 5 DVD,Tales From the Crypt - Season 4 DVD,Tales From the Crypt - Season 3 DVD , Tales From the Crypt - Season 2 DVD,Tales From the Crypt - Season 1 DVD