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Currentfilm.com Review:

Just in times for Valentine's Day comes this re-release of a pair of "Winnie the Pooh" stories contained on one disc. The two shorts, "A Valentine For You" and "Un-Valentine's Day & Three Little Piglets", has the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood enjoying the holiday while learning about love.

The first story, "A Valentine For You", has Pooh and his pals preparing for Valentine's Day, only to realize that Christopher Robin is nowhere to be found. Believing that he was bitten by the love bug (a "Smitten"), the group heads into the unknown heart of the Hundred Acre wood to try to find the creature.

"A Valentine For You" is a sweet, heartwarming tale about first love with a few moments that I thought were surprisingly emotional. The few songs scattered throughout the story are lovely and memorable. Animation is clean and above-average (considering the direct-to-TV nature) material.

"An Un-Valentine" is an older (1989) feature that visits the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood as Rabbit discusses his plans to cancel Valentine's Day due to too many cards given last year. Despite the new rule, Pooh and the others soon find themselves going around and giving little gifts anyways. The 20-year-old feature isn't as memorable as "A Valentine For You", but rather than being a heartwarming tale, "Un-Valentine" succeeds at light, wholesome comedy.


VIDEO: The two "Pooh" stories are presented by Disney in 1.33:1 full-frame. "A Valentine For You"'s presentation offered perfectly fine image quality, with only a few minor faults. The animation generally appeared crisp and detailed, with only a couple of shots looking slightly softer than the rest. No pixelation was spotted during the show, but a little bit of shimmering was occasionally present. Colors appeared warm and bright, with nice saturation and no concerns. The older "Un-Valentine" looked satisfactory overall, although it did display more wear, with some specks, marks and other debris visible at times. Colors generally looked bright, but could waiver at times.

SOUND: Clear, crisp stereo soundtrack.

EXTRAS: The main extra is "My Hero", a new-to-DVD episode that is taken from "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh". We also get the "Catch the Love Bug" interactive game, which sees flying love bugs on the loose in Hundred Acre Wood, and it's up to the viewer to catch as many as possible. Also included are sneak peek trailers for other titles from the studio.

Final Thoughts: These two "Valentine"-related "Winnie" tales are funny, sweet stories that should be entertaining viewing for families during the holiday. The DVD offers fine video quality (although the older episode is a little worn), good audio quality and a couple of extras. Recommended for families.

DVD Information

Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine For You
Disney Home Entertainment
Dolby 2.0
50 minutes
Subtitles: English
Rated NR
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine For You DVD