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The Movie:

Arguably one of the finest things Disney has done in recent years, the "Walt Disney Treasures" line has allowed consumers to be able to purchase rare archive live-action and animated material from the studio's early days, most of which has been restored to very pleasing condition. The series has offered everything from classic Mickey and Donald cartoons to the Davy Crockett TV series.

In this case, we get the third volume of rare animated shorts staring everyone's favorite cartoon waterfowl, Donald Duck. These shorts, which were produced between 1947-1950, contain some of Donald's best adventures. Highlights include a group of Chip and Dale-centric shorts, highlights of which are "Chip An' Dale", "All In a Nutshell", "Winter Storage" and "Toy Tinkers". "Toy Tinkers" is an Oscar-nominated short that has Donald going up against Chip and Dale when they find their way into his house on Christmas and use his Christmas toys in order to nab his supply of nuts. Chip and Dale provide the best comic foils for Donald, and these four episodes have some of the biggest laughs, Chip and Dale use Donald's train and toy car in order to haul their haul away. The short eventually sees the three in an all-out battle in Donald's living room.

Other highlights include: "Sleepy Time Donald" (Daisy has to help Donald when he sleepwalks through their date), "Inferior Decorator" (Donald's new floral wallpaper attracts an unwanted bee guest) and "Slide Donald Slide" (Donald's enjoyment of a game on the radio ends abruptly when a bee with a taste for classical music takes over the radio.)
Once again, the Disney Treasures sets in this fifth wave are offered in a limited run of 50,000 each - a numbered certificate of authenticity is included inside the set itself. As with the other sets, these make terrific Christmas gifts and are certainly something the whole family can enjoy.

* Straight Shooters
* Sleepy Time Donald
* Clown Of The Jungle
* Donald's Dilemma
* Crazy With The Heat
* Bootle Beetle
* Wide Open Spaces
* Chip An' Dale
* Drip Dippy Donald
* Daddy Duck
* Donald's Dream Voice
* The Trial Of Donald Duck
* Inferior Decorator
* Soup's On
* Three For Breakfast
* Tea For Two Hundred
* Donald's Happy Birthday
* Sea Salts
* Winter Storage
* Honey Harvester
* All In A Nutshell
* The Greener Yard
* Slide, Donald, Slide
* Toy Tinkers
* Lion Around
* Crazy Over Daisy
* Trailer Horn
* Hook, Lion And Sinker
* Bee At The Beach
* Out On A Limb


VIDEO: These Donald adventures are presented in their original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio by Disney. Picture quality is first-rate, as the animation appeared crisp and well-defined throughout most of the proceedings, with only a few minor patches of softness and graininess. No edge enhancement, pixelation or shimmering was spotted, but some minor print flaws (a few specks, marks, slight dirt and inconsistent grain) were spotted. Colors remained, for the most part, more lively and bright than expected, given the age of the shorts.

SOUND: The mono soundtracks sound perfectly fine, considering the age of the shorts. Some slight background hiss is present, but dialogue, music and sound effects are easily understood.

EXTRAS: This latest volume in the series is once again introduced by Leonard Maltin. We also get still galleries, "Donald Duck On The Mickey Mouse Club", "The Many Faces of Donald Duck" featurette and "Sculpting Donald" featurette.

Final Thoughts: The third volume in the series continues to offer one classic after another, many of which I remember watching as a kid. Presented with very good audio/video quality and a few nice extras, this Disney Treasures tin is definitely recommended.

DVD Information

Walt Disney Treasures: Chronological Donald Vol. 3 DVD Set
Disney Home Entertainment
2-DVD Set
Subtitles: English
Dual Layer:Yes
Available At Amazon.com: Walt Disney Treasures: Disney Rarities - Celebrated Shorts DVD Set,Walt Disney Treasures: Elfego Baca and the Swamp Fox DVD Set,Walt Disney Treasures: Adventures of Spin and Marty DVD Set,Walt Disney Treasures: Disney Rarities - Chronological Donald Vol. 2 DVD Set

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